From Abecediarya: a pornographic novel


An Agape
an audacious apologue

At an annual adulterous assembly – as Aaron, Azalea, and Ada achieved animalistic apogee – Adrian – amidst Aaron’s, Azalea’s, and Ada’s Aahs and Awoos – arrived alone at an awkward anticlimax.

Ada – arms abuzz and akimbo – ambled across as Adrian – ashamed, affected – apologised: “Accident.”

“Again?” Aaron announced as Azalea’s ascending-descending amber ass amazingly accelerated atop Aaron, arms across Azalea’s alps, abdomen all aglow. “Already?” Azalea added amusedly.

Adrian allowed Aaron’s and Azalea’s annoyances air-out anonymously. Ada, always amiable, accepted Adrian’s apology. “Alright?” Ada asked, and Adrian absentmindedly answered “agreeable” after an antsy awkwardness.

Anticipating Adrian’s antisocial answer, Ada animated an arm across Adrian’s abdomen. Adrian acquiesced as Ada acrobatically applied appropriate actions around Adrian’s abdominal area. Ada asked Adrian again and Ada’s anticipated angsty answer about-faced as Adrian acknowledged an ache arousing.

Across, Aaron’s and Azalea’s adrenal acrobatics achieved additional acoustic acuity as Azalea adagioed all activities, acuminating Aaron’s adversarial adventurism at Adrian’s avowed: “Aah! Aah! Aah!”

Ada – as Adrian agazed at Aaron and Azalea – affirmed Adrian’s aggravate agent, and – also agogged at Adrian’s aggrievement – actualised an agape.

Astride above, Ada allowed Adrian all-out aft access. Ada’s ankles anchored at Adrian’s armpits, Adrian’s arms around Ada’s asscheeks, Adrian abluted Ada almost absurdly: “Aye! Aye! Aye!”

Adrian’s avid adoration appealed at Ada’s appreciative acumen, as Aaron – Ada’s avowed – affects all affairs an antagonistic angle, an attitude Ada and Aaron always argue about, although answers are always absent.

Ada – aflutter, achingly admiring, already addicted – allowed an Aah attain altostratic altitude as an azimuth acceleratingly approached: “Alas! Alas! Alas!”

Ada adored Adrian’s aesculapian affection, an alternative away Aaron’s acerbic abrasiveness.

Amenable at anything Adrian asks, Ada agilely all-foured afore Adrian, awaiting ambush.

Across, Azalea – albeit agnostic – allah-akbared as another azimuth’s arrival approached. Aaron – amused at Azalea’s auditory appreciation – ascertained an award as appropriate, ante’d-up agility-wise, and afterwards also approached an arrival: “Awoo! Awoo! Awoo!”

Adrian, animus awake, advanced at Ada and – at Ada’s astonishment – alighted atop, adobe-like accessory acock above Ada’s abyss.

Ada acknowledged Adrian as an Adonis awakened, an Adam anew, an aggressor allured and alluring.

Ada – agonizingly, aggressively, affectionately – accepted Adrian’s animal again and again and again and again: “Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!”

Afterwards – as aethereal Aahs and Awoos again abounded – Aaron, Azalea, Ada, and Adrian altogether allowed another annual adulterous assembly achieve absolute adjournment.

Before She Rises
Before she rises she lets the stirring cock crow, just tossing the end of our story’s progress to “five I’ll snooze some more, but four I’ll go: which is it, then?”, the simplest, most honest query, but then destiny decides to introduce complexity through the cock crowing three then returns to sleeping: she frowns,

               exclaims quietly “what?” while just beside her, awake, humbled queerly by sex that lasted all of the sixth of the hour just passed, I mumble-grumble, gusts of fake breath tossed for emphasis, after which she asks “are you okay?” to which I reply “very”, afterwards I zip-lip,

               intent on a personal (read: “bitter”) monopoly of joy in the dark, which she then notices after a while, so kindly attempts at a blasé conversation about, of all topics, politics, that I attempt to zone out of but really her every word is a tune in my head that I quell in vain with hums as I flex and stretch in bed

               and knowing fully how this would hurt, I, amidst talking, just nod out and yawn and plop on down again on soft warm cushions and so mouth stops talking, brows start furrowing, and with cock still snoozing my victim quits and slips out without a “boo”, and no fixing this

               issue, I, jackass, continue to pretend to doze in bed, one eye open to this fox by my feet, watch her pick up stuff and refit armour and brush hair and teeth, each and every action a feather in air and as she finishes she stands upright and shoes in both hands, without shake or wave, tiptoes out of this book’s chapter, shutting door, spiriting body out farther than before, as I remain peeping from behind cushions once warm now turning frigid by the quiet morning wind, and right outside, the cock, now awake, just for her, crows four.

Bafflegab Bedlam
beastly bodiceripper

Briefly before breakfast began, Beverly – babushka’d bachelorette badly beset by Babinsky’s – braved beastly Boulevard backgammon boys and bastinadoed back-bent beggars as Beverly’s bastardy baby boy Billy audiolingually affirmed bountiful bellyaches as beyond bearable.

Beverly, barely abating Billy’s bellyaches by bread-eating – bread being an already bemoaningly affluent acquisition as an adult bedlamite, and an all-the-more anxious business as a baby-burdened adolescent – bungled as an answer a balancing act between banausic banality and baneful bankruptcy: after acquiring “Bellflower” as an alias, Beverly became a buxom bomba actress, a bare bold buffer, a billabong bimbo, a beurre blanc bottom, a bed-and-breakfast bedmate, a big-mouthed bilabial blandish benefactress – all-in-all a big-budget business around and about Aurora Boulevard.

After bidding “bye-bye” at belly-aching baby, Beverly bikes across Aurora and alights by Act and between building and alleyway advertises body bit by bit: barely a brastrap, an actual buttcheek, an ankle black-and-blueing, and alabaster belly boiling and bubbling, alluding to a bodacious balut-appetite.

As Beverly argues against aching belly, a black BMW brakes beside Beverly’s blue BMX and behind blue-bottle bifocals a businessman barely beyond boyhood – an absolute boychick – attempts at a barter between an amorous businesswoman’s allegedly adept appendages and a boychick businessman’s bonafide big bucks, and after a brief and altogether amateurish bidding argument, boychick businessman agrees at businesswoman’s asked-about amount.

Beverly boards automobile and broadcasts at boychick businessman an ancient alleyway beside AliMall. “Atmospheric,” boychick businessman acknowledges as BMW brakes at alley’s bend. Behind, at backseat, Beverly alludes at a barely appropriate act, an act all balk at but all actually adore. Boychick businessman appreciates Beverly’s almost boyish brashness but belays all advances as another barely appropriate act amasses at brain: boychick businessman anxiously asks about Beverly’s appendages’ alleged abilities and allowed an affectation appear by bawdily baritoning about a bicuspid bourguignonne blowjob.

“A bicuspid bourguignonne blowjob?” asks Beverly, baring barely-blossomed breasts, acting all astonished but betraying an attitude bordering at boredom. “A bicuspid bourguignonne blowjob!” boychick businessman affirms arrogantly, and at backseat allows Beverly access at belly and boxers and all bits beneath.

Beverly, atop boychick businessman, administers adequate beating, beginning at ball-bottom and arriving at blood-filled bulb, accelerating as Beverly’s biceps attain brief buffery, affirming all allusions about alleged adept appendages, at boychick businessman’s boundless astonishment. “Alright?” Beverly asks boychick businessman, all breathless, blushing, and bare-assed. “Ah, baby,” answers boychick businessman, briefly amnesiac.

Beverly applies adept bilabial abilities at boychick businessman’s bare bottom and balls, awakening – angering – boychick businessman’s amorous animal, albeit barely achieving an Asian average. But Beverly, always agreeable, attempts at blushing boychick businessman about brandishing bigger breadth above all boys before and after. Boychick businessman agrees at Beverly’s assessment, blushes, and begs Beverly again about a bicuspid bourguignonne blowjob, and blushes again after asking. As answer, Beverly bares believable admiration at boychick businessman’s arguably baby-like boyhood, and brings attention at balls again, and also at actualizing begged-about blowjob.

“Brace all appendages!” Beverly asks boychick businessman amiably as Beverly attempts at achieving appropriate big-mouthedness. As asked, boychick businessman – all aflutter – braces all appendages at BMW’s backseat accessories, anticipating any and all, acknowledging Beverly’s A+ abilities.

Beverly, at achieving absolute big-mouthedness and also an above-average bigness at boychick businessman’s adult apparatus, allows boychick businessman’s anticipation boil beyond bedazzlement.

“Bitch!” boychick businessman belts annoyingly, briefly blue-balled by Beverly’s activities. Boychick businessman attempts at beginning an argument as Beverly, bowing by boychick businessman’s ankles, begins – brazenly, belligerently, and above all, beautifully – blowing boychick businessman’s big boy bulk.

Beverly blows and blows, bouncing and bobbing again and again, bit by bit and afterwards allows all-in, balls-deep, accentuates by biting, big-licks and big-lip beating, but amidst best blowing boychick businessman bartered about and bought before and after, Beverly’s brain bemoans big budgetary anxieties: bedroom and board, Biogesic, breakfast; bills and acne.

“Balls and all, baby; balls and all,” boychick businessman announces beneath breath and Beverly, being an accommodating babe, attempts bringing back attention at boychick businessman’s balls and all, achieving bigger big-mouthedness and better breathing arpeggio, actions boychick businessman acknowledges by arching back bodybuilt arms and bludgeoning Beverly between brows, across bridge, again and again. Beverly attempts at breaking-off but boychick businessman anticipates and blocks all anti-blowjob activities by Beverly, afterwards adapts a beatific attitude as boychick businessman blows bazooka and Beverly binges – against all anger – at boychick businessman’s bitter bouillabaisse, afterwards baptizes Beverly between blood-splattered barely-blossomed breasts. “Bon appetit,” boychick businessman asides.

As Beverly brushes and burps bellyache away, boychick businessman adds a bit at agreed-about amount. “A bonus,” boychick businessman announces, acknowledging Beverly’s brand-new bruises and big blackeye.

Boychick businessman brings Beverly back beside Act and bids “arrivederci” before accelerating BMW across Aurora Boulevard and beyond. Back between building and alleyway, Beverly assesses amount by amateur arithmetic and believes all barely addresses bedroom and bills.

Black-and-blue and bleedy-nosed, Beverly ambles across Aurora by bike, at a baranggay bakery and buys bread and butter, Biogesic, and bathroom-cleaning acid. Beverly arrives at abode and before anything attends at bellyaching baby’s bleeding-gum bawlings, affectionately addressing “Billy, Billy,” becalming baby, afterwards attempts at arranging baby’s big bottle breakfast as burrowing beastie beneath Beverly’s blood-splattered barely-blossomed belaboured breast bellows, bucks, beats.

I’m thinking shitty things, ill-fitting shrill things, things I think I’ll dismiss if I insist in thinking “This isn’t right!”, still I think “Kill him, kill him, his shirt is insipid! Slit his thighs, his wrists, his lips, his lids! Slit him ‘til his spirit is piss!”, I fight this dirty, glib ill will, still, I’m thinking “Will I slip? If I slip, will I kill smiling, grinning, liking it slightly?”

Concerning Charnelhouse
Charlie’s Chef-d’oeuvre
comedic cacoethes

Charnelhouse Charlie – camisoled celibate culinary caliph – cubes carrots, chops cabbage, carves cheese, chills champagne, chars chapatti carefully, ceases, crosses CR’s cul-de-sac ‘cross chateau’s cockroachy carpet-floor, crouches, concentrates cutting cherublike corpse’s cured cankered campaniliform cock clockwise, carefully considering cellulite, capillaries, ceaselessly chatting: “Charnelhouse Charlie, consider caution: catching clueless carefree chattels – children – can conclude careers, cause criminal cases, cemetery check-ins!!!

“Can Charnelhouse Charlie, creating convincing catchpenny charades – cleaning chores, clothing calamities, clumsy calculus – cajole, confuse, catch?!?

“Can Charnelhouse Charlie chloroform caterwaulers, casually carry carpeted comatose customers ‘cross crowded crossroads, crooked corners?!?

“Can Charnelhouse Charlie cleanly cut carmine crosses ‘cross calves, carefully chop cheek chunks, convincingly cook chili con carne con calavera, cadaver caldereta?!?

“Can Charnelhouse Charlie confidently circumvent clumsy cop-collarings, crude civil crusades, cruel Christian conscience?!? ‘Course, Charnelhouse Charlie can!!! Charnelhouse Charlie’s crimson career’s complimented ‘cross cities country-wide, captivating cavorting canaille, capricious concubines, cheap cads, casual colleagues, cloying cops!!! Charming criminal, Charnelhouse Charlie!!! Cause celebre!!!”

Charnelhouse Charlie cheerfully cackles canorously, cubing croutons, chopping chili, carving cucumber, charring corn cobs, captivatedly cooking cut cured cankered campaniliform cock, charcoal’s candescence crisping crust.

Charnelhouse Charlie concludes concocting culinary cock-a-hoop, clears clutter, cha-chas, commences chowing cilantro-chiffonaded chowder-coated chapatti. Contentedly chewing chowder’s cock chunks, Charnelhouse Charlie, ceaselessly chic, chuckles “Chickeny!!!”, chugging chilled champagne, climaxes, cheering-on Charnelhouse Charlie’s criminality’s considerable calculating chichi cleverness.

A Sad Deed
As ADD eases, Ed’s dad Asa de Sades Ed’s ass, eases seed – adds, adds – deads Ed’s sass as Ed sees Asa as a sad dad.

Uno Memento Motto

Mom, on note to teen:

“No men on moon, no tenet to tote, no note to tune. Neon nun-totem on mount? Mute monument to no-one.”

A Sweet Mess
Sweet Tess met Tom, seems sweet to Tess, “stout esteem, most zest, must mow!” Tess swoons, now on to two moons on Tom’s nest Tess sees Tom’s tons o’ zoo-smut: mooses mount sows; mutts, tots. “Wow!” Tess wets, oozes, sweetness now moot, now mess on toes.

Torture Theater No. Ten
Arthur – a threat, a thorn – ate a teen heart to no hoot nor roar, no rant nor rave, author one neat note (a taunt, a revue):

“Ave, Rhona, ave, ave: rear too tan to not rut, throat too hot to not tear, her teat too rare an art to not have; ate her to honour her, teat ‘n heart, throat to rear, to return her to ever ‘n ever.”

On A Queer Zone
Zoë (nee Anne, nee Evan) – queer queen anon on a queue none vue, on a venue none even van on – a no-noun, a no-one on a neon eve o’ an uneven era.

In A Raging Kia
Ador, a dim, dour drunk (on gin and rum) goading God and King on a dark road, ran on a roaming dog, a Rod (dinging Kia), an oar and a ring, and a grinning man dining on a gourd.

Delicate Domestic Delicacy
didactic dramaturgy

Dramatis: Deaf-dumb Dolores – doddering dwarfy dame – dozes dribbling, droning decibelfully, deeply descends down daedal dirty dreamscape, down disturbingly diseased decades-old debutante days.

Dramatisation: Dirty dream drives Dolores conscious. Dolores checks crib, checks ceaselessly-dozing decades-old dermoid child’s diaper chastefully, determines distinct dahl-like dampness, changes diaper delicately. Despite delicate chasteness, Dolores disturbs child’s dozing, causing child’s crying. Child’s cries don’t descend down deaf-eared Dolores’ cranium, continues changing child’s diaper. Determined child’s cries climb ‘cross decibels, doppler downwind, disturbing dozen duplexes, catching Dolores’ distracted consciousness. Distressed, Dolores draws dusty diaphanous draperies, drops damp damask duster, decidedly comforts child. Clasping droopy double-Ds, Dolores draws child close, closer, close, closer.

Diptych: Child digs down Dolores’ doughy deflatedness, cross-eyedly drinks dairy draught deep, drams deliciously, drams delightfully, catching dainty delectable drops dribbling down cheeks, dripping down double-chin, deglutitiating child chuckling, chewing, ceaselessly drying down Dolores.

Child’s drinking concluded, Dolores dries chaffed double-Ds, couches derriere, denudedly drifts down daedal dirty dreamscape, down disturbingly diseased decades-old debutante days, during Dolores’ crazily determined drifter dad’s daily dozen crystal-methamphetamine-caused crime: despicable double-drinking chewing-down chugging Dolores’ debuting chests’ dairy daiquiri, doggy-style deepdicking devirginisation deftly dealt directly Dolores’ delicate dianthic dahlia – “Definitely Daddy’s child. Definitely Daddy’s child,” drawled Dolores’ dad – causing (Dolores’ doctors determined) decades-long depression, chronic cardiological disturbances, dwarfism, degeneracy, child-bearing: daunting darkly devolutionary descents down Darwinist dead-ends.

Dramatics: Dirty dream drives Dolores conscious. Dolores checks crib, checks ceaselessly-dozing decades-old dermoid child, currently droning, dozing comfortably, dreaming decades-old dreams, chuckling. Dolores cradles doughy chapping droopy double-Ds, curd dripping. Definitely Daddy’s child. Definitely Daddy’s child.

Denoument: Dolores checks child’s damp clumpy diaper, draws corner, coaxes dozing child’s darky dangle. Dolores dampens, determines deepest desire, determines dirtiest dream, decides definite depraved deontic destiny, defers, devotes degenerate dental demonstrations. Deaf-dumb Dolores – doddering dwarfy dame – descends, drops, dreams, delights.

A Boa O’ Abba-Baobab
Bob, bub a cob: “Ooo, aaa! O, cocoa-caca o’ Bab!”

A Startoss’d Troll
Olan Sta Ana – a loon – slots lotsa tots door to door, nasal to anal, rants “Don’t start! Don’t start!” and all tots as “Rats!” and “Tools o’ Satan!” to Santa tattoo on ass.

A Vain Saint
One nite, Gertie goes to oven, turns it on, ‘n sits – sore on tears, snot stains on vest – starin’ out to no-one, attention to none save a vague sour taste on tongue.

A Slave’s Hard Sale
A broad’s bare ass – raw over VD – draws blood as a dude lords over her, shaves her, lashes her red as he blows a wad over her shoulder.

On A Fine Noon
On a fee of nine-five, a vue of one buff banana bonin’ a nun, cooin’ “Ooo, aaa!”.

A Gaga Gag
Papa glad legal gal Lulu gulped – lapped up, “glug-glug” – pee-puddle a la agua.

Endangering Eloquent Edacity
egregious epitaphs

Erroneously eating earlywood echeveria, Eddie – easygoing eccentric edentate elementary Economics educator – endured exotic epidermal ensanguine explosions escalating exponentially everyday, eventually engulfing Eddie’s entire exterior, evolving echinococci, creeping down esophagus, effusing effluvia, emaciates, evokes eclampsia. Eddie expires, eight ephemeric earnest etchings – euphuistically efforting emending embourgeoisement – Eddie’s étagère’s center exhibit, definitively encapsulating Eddie’s effeminate effervesence, Eddie’s existence’s extant evidence:

“Every excellent endeavour eventually ends exemplary.”
“Education: every Eve’s Eden.”
“Égalité equals Emancipation.”
“Evening ends everynight, dawn comes eventually.”
“Elegies: every esprit’s elysian evensong.”
Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

A Need Denied
Adan and Dave invaded Ben, divided bun, beaded, beaned, and denuded, and Ben bein’ bad in bed, Dave and Adan, undivided, bade Ben de nada, and a vain adieu.

An Alley Vue
Allan, eye uneven, lay lean Ella – all eleven – ‘n Ella yell “Nay!” ‘n Allan yell “Aye!” ‘n Ella yell ‘n yell, ‘n all lull ‘n Allan yell “Yay!” ‘n leave venue ‘n Ella lay level, eye all null.

A Small Seamless Gem
All gals slam Sam as Sam’s eel seems small ‘n smells as smegma smells.

A Fan
Nate – a fat, unneat teen – vue Vanna feet a tan teat at TV ‘n Nate vent tent, ‘n eat.

Dead Ease
Dessa sees Ade seed dead Ada’s ass.

I gag a gay hag!

Flagrantly Flagitious Fetishes
faggy fabulations

Flaky flaneur Felix, following Fredo – fetchingly fabulous feminised fraternal freres – fussily film fulsome fornications for fogey freewheeling foreigners’ fees, featuring forceful felchings, fast-paced facials, ferrets, fistings, feral face-fartings, funnellings, fingerings, forced fecal-feedings, furballings, fluids-flickings, furrowings, fibrilatings, flimsy flapjackings, funnybonings, flippings, forehead fondlings, floppings, fork-flinchings, fishy fish-feastings, facecloth face-offs, facetious falling-outs, facile falafel-fryings, fascist fastballings, fast-talkings, featherings, fatigued feedbacks, far-flung feints, felicitous frenchings, feisty Fabregeings, Ferris-wheelings, felonious fermentings, furious Fibonacciings, foreplayings, fistula-fillings, flagellum-flexings, fleshy flagwavings, fletchings, ferocious fore-and-aftings, foghornings – for Fredo, few fantasies feel failures; for Felix, few filmbuffs feel filched.

First finding I’m living with HIV, it’s silly, thinking “I’m dying! I, victim!” Sickly, dizzy, high in pills ‘til, inspiringly, I inflict HIV willingly in dining grill I stint in nightly, rightly victimizing girls, mixing chill piss in spicy chili, shit bits in sizzling sisig, thick spit in icy drinks ‘til midnight, ‘til, tiring, I sit in high spirits, ticklishly giggling, priding in illicit thrills, in kicking, in fighting HIV, in living!

Gladsome Glass-Jawed Gogo-Girl
gonzo go-around

Gorgeous Glenda – glib g-stringed gimmicky glamour-puss – goes gaga-gooey grogshop guy-glaring, gleefully gloats golden globes, generously gives guys gash-glimpses, guiltlessly guffaws, gasps, ‘fore going for grandest gigantically generous guy. Guy – fantasising goose-stepping galoot – gladly follows Glenda going for grimy girlsroom, furiously grabs Glenda’s glistening gam. Glenda gasps. Guy grabs Glenda’s golden globes, gropes Glenda’s gluteus, forces finger forward, farther, farther. Glenda grimaces, grabs guy’s growing girth, frees giant from garter, gamely grinds glans, geniculates, generates generous friction. Guy gasps, growls, gibbers foolishly. Glenda, go-getting glutton for getable genitals, grins gap-toothedly, goes for guy’s gigot, glowingly glissandos further, further, goads guy’s glob, gargles. Guy goes “Goddamn, girl!” Glenda giggles, goes further, further. Guy, glutton for getable gash, growls “Giddyap!” forces Glenda forward, ghoulishly grabs g-string, garter failing, falls. Guy greedily gropes gash formerly glimpsed, finally finding Glenda’s gigantic gynaecological grotesquerie, Glenda’s genuinely freakish fact: “Glenda’s” formerly “Glenn,” ‘fore genitals-gibbing, ‘fore gender-forgery. Guy, freaked-out, goes “Goddamn, gay!!!” grabs “Glenda” furiously, grudgingly gropes face, forces fingers forward, grittingly gouges “Glenda’s” gaze, ‘fore fisting “Glenda’s” gap-toothed grin. Guy gruffly goes, ghastly gesticulating grossness. “Glenda” – gank, gibbous, glazed glamour-puss – giggles, gingerly grins gap-toothedly, grisly gargles gore, gleaming, grateful, gratified.

Slender Knives Kept Sharp
Slender knives kept sharp for emergency surgery: “so, what now?” and you flinch at their cool efficiency at ripping you to shreds, the damage done with just three words, from crotch through gizzard through liver through breasts, twist of wrist and quietly exquisitely the sheets are soiled

               quick with blood, truly yours and yours truly, “not a bad mix” or so you say, opinions may vary: “I’m still not sold to the thought”, it sits in my brain folding and turning but it’s just too big so wrought I, a lout, pop it out (a zit of words), “so, what now?” and you cry it out

               beside me in bed, the hot spot, the origin of everything from months before, better times in better climes, the little we didn’t do would fill six cups or more, so now we’re here with our sour milk, our bitter coffee: we gulp them down to seem not worried but our fingers shiver so we spill our drinks but not mop up, letting coffee – milk mix it up, “it’s how we work” you like to blurt out often just to hurt, expert to the strength of words, first their weight then their size when uttered correctly, so three more from you, quietly quick you self-surgerize from behind cry-sore eyes: “now, we go” so now, we go.

Heinous Half-Life Hankering Hoaxy Heftiness
hagiographic hokum

Heartily heroin-high, hammocked Henry – happy-go-lucky hurly-burly harelipped hippie – happily hums hollow hosannas, hiccupps hoarse hallelujahs, hee-haws hazy hi-hellos, heebie-jeebies, his heartbeat helter-skelter, his hands herky-jerky, his half-digestions halfway-up, his head


hundred halibut


Adam David lives in Cubao, Quezon City. He has been a zinester and a bookmaker by trade since 1999. He writes criticism for the Philippine Online Chronicles, a Pinoy culture webzine. He regularly maintains a weblog called Oblique Strategies, which can be monitored every now and then on